Shipment of Lama Paintings off to Four Seasons

Larisa and I have sent a shipment of birds and flowers to Four Seasons Gallery in Homewood, AL. To all of our Birmingham friends, we hope you get the chance to visit – Four Seasons has a great inventory of art and gift ideas! And if you have been in the past, please know that they have relocated to a new location, still on 18th Street South but at the other end of the street. The new street address is 2817 18th Street South.

Lara’s birds…

Mary Ann’s flowers…

Bridal Bouquets

Last year I experienced a huge milestone and the most special day of my life – my wedding!  One of my absolute favorite things about our wedding was my bouquet. I decided to channel my love for painting flowers into creating a painting of my bridal bouquet for our home. Now that it is finished and hanging on the wall, I realized it’s more than just a decoration. It’s a special and personal painting that symbolizes the start of our little family!




If you would like to commission a bridal bouquet painting for someone special (or yourself!) you can contact me through this website or e-mail me at

The painting shown is 20 x 2o inches, and is 1.5 inches deep. This particular size is $350, and there are smaller and larger sizes available. The price includes shipping if you are in the United States. The painting will arrive with the sides painted in a neutral color and a wire hanger securely attached to the back for hanging. Also, please feel free to contact me if you have any questions!

Peaceful Peonies

This week I have been slaving away at a few figurative pieces for some upcoming art shows. The days I spend working on these paintings can either go really well or really really…..really badly. Today was one of those bad days. So to keep myself from chucking the painting out the back door I decided to paint some more pretty flowers! I took pictures of the process….


I started this peony painting by toning my canvas with a mixture of burnt sienna and raw umber oil paint. Next, I sketched in the flowers, vase and edge of the table with this paint mixture.


After I let the sketch dry for a few minutes, I softly block in the color values of the flowers and the darks of the leaves.


Next, I lightly scrubbed in a grey color as the background and blocked in the vase. I then returned to the flowers. It’s always hard for me to know when to stop when it comes to flowers – especially peonies! I tried to keep these soft and easy since I was using this painting to ease my stress.


Once I was happy with the peonies, I added the finishing touches to everything else. Working on these beautiful flowers put me in such a happy and peaceful mood! This painting is currently available on our Etsy Shop.

Spring Inspirations

Greetings from Texas! I am constantly surprised by how beautiful the Austin area is, especially around this time of year. This spring has brought an abundance of beautiful wildflowers, which in turn has left me full of inspiration. It’s hard to think of anything that is more beautiful than a vase full of flowers, and I love having them around my house, especially in painted form!



A field of wildflowers in Spicewood, TX.


Our sweet baby, Millie, enjoying a day at the park in Spicewood.


Roses blooming in the front yard of our new house in Austin.


The result of my new flower obsession!

Cleansing Waters

cleansing waters

Larisa’s painting, titled “Cleansing Waters”, is currently on display in Dallas, TX, as part of the Oil Painters of America 25th Annual National Exhibition. This is a great honor and a fabulous opportunity for her!

Oil Painters of America is a national organization dedicated to the preservation of representational art. For more information, please visit



Sacred Art Gallery


Lara and I have our art on display at the Sacred Art Gallery, which is within the walls of the First Presbyterian Church of Birmingham. The artist reception was held this afternoon, immediately after morning services. What a welcoming and friendly congregation! It was so awesome to see so many of the members stop by and enjoy our artwork!

The public is welcome to stop in and visit and we hope that you are able to do just that!

First Presbyterian is located at 2100 4th Avenue North in Birmingham.

The day before, after we were done setting up, I was invited up to the bell tower to see the Carillon and the actual bells. What a treat that was! This carillon has three octaves of bells. The instrument looks rather like a piano, including a row for the “black keys”. We were treated to several hymns – very awesome! Thank you, Robin!


Thank You!

2016 MISC

We wanted to take this opportunity to say Thank You to all the Patrons of the Riverchase Loves Artists Art Show, as well as to the wonderful ladies of the Riverchase Women’s Association and the Riverchase Country Club for all their organizational work and their attention to us artists. It is appreciated so much and we really enjoyed this show!

All of our Love to y’all!                  Mary Ann and Larisa

Riverchase Loves Artists









We have both been busy prepping for this show coming up Saturday, Feb. 6 at the Riverchase Country Club. And I am excited that Larisa will be home from Austin to be able to attend!

We both hope to see you there!






Larisa has been the busiest and has quite a few new paintings to display!



And I have added several new pieces of work also…


Happy New Year!

crazy studio2015 is over and done with and what a crazy year it was! Larisa moved to Austin, TX , got married and we both had illnesses to deal with. So, as the year moved to an end, we were hoping to get back to the new normal and devote more time to our art.

But 2016 is going to be another wild and wacky year! Larisa and her husband have begun the search for a new home. And back at my house, we are going to be doing the same thing. However, first we need to prepare the house for putting it up for sale. This has been no small task since we have lived in it for 25 years!

The first major project has been to have all the wood trim and walls painted – and there is a LOT of trim to do. We have hired a painter who has been with us for 2 weeks now and still a couple of days will be needed. EVERY room in the house has the furniture pulled towards the center of the room.

Needless to say, this has created a bit of chaos in my studio. I can locate some of my art supplies, but not all. But it will all be good and soon I will be able to paint again. At least until we get new carpet.

But we have not been totally neglectful and will be participating in Riverchase Loves Artists coming up on February 6. Larisa is coming back to Alabama for this and I am very excited! Hope to see you all at the show!